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Hold it, ladies! Line starts here to swoon over Glee's new stud Chord Overstreet.

Go ahead and pinch us, because we just nabbed some time with the aforementioned (bottle) blond and got tons of scoop on what's ahead for the newest McKinley High crooner—including a possible throwdown with Puck (Mark Salling), a continuing romance with Quinn (Dianna Agron) and more time spent sans shirt, not to mention a big showcase in next week's Rocky Horror episode as Rocky himself, the man in the gold boxers...

Gay, Straight or Bi? "I don't think they'd make Sam bisexual," Chord tells us of the ongoing confusion over his character's sexuality. "His big secret really was just that he dyes his hair." Plus, show runner Ryan Murphy already told us Sam is not Kurt's new guy. So, that is that.

Romancing the Cheerleader: Are Quinn and Sam the real deal? (After that cutesy duet in this week's episode, we're dying for more "Sinn.") "I really love working with Dianna so far, and we have good chemistry," says Chord. "I'd definitely like to see that go somewhere. There's a spark between us, and something there that Sam will try to pursue. He has to be delicate with it because of what happened with Quinn and the baby last year. He understands that about her, and is trying to take a slow approach to it." 

Badboy Bust-Up: Chord tells us that even though nothing has been shot yet, he sees a throwdown in Puck and Sam's future—over Quinn, of course. "It all depends on how Puck still feels about Quinn," he laughs. "We could get at it with each other. He obviously had a kid with her. He's in juvie now and in comes the new guy stealing his ex-woman?" Dra-ma! As long as they're shirtless. Oh, and speaking of...

Striptease for the Big Bucks: If you haven't yet noticed, the few times we've seen Chord onscreen, he's been pretty darn shirtless. Not that we're complaining, but is more to come? Jokes Chord, "I talked to my agent and said that basically I'm the Taylor Lautner of TV. We both have our shirts off a lot. And we have the same agent so we goof around about it. I'm waiting to open a script and see my shirt on." Hey, it's not so bad, right? "For every episode I have my shirt off, I get a bonus. Like a $50,000 check with my name on it." Relax, he's just joshin'. Although we say bring on the moolah! That's a reasonable amount of money for such a pretty bod.

Rocky Horror...Horror? Yes, Chord is the lucky chap to rock the gold lamé shorts in the Rocky Horror ep. And yes, he was a total man about it. "We meet up in the choir room and Sam's not really familiar with Rocky Horror, and doesn't know that as Rocky I'm going to be wearing the gold shorts," he teases. "They were really tight. It was an interesting experience, and I wanted to do the whole thing. They said I could do a tank top, but I said no. My shirt's off in every episode anyway, why not?" Why not, indeed!

Big Mouth: "Everybody always gives me a hard time about my mouth and lips," Chord laughs, which has led him to a dream song choice. "I would love to do 'My Stupid Mouth' by John Mayer. They make reference to my mouth on the show and how I have big lips, so that would be a funny thing." Ryan Murphy, take note.

Going Solo? Chord is head over heels for his new gig on Glee, but making an album someday is definitely a dream. "I'd have to figure out the right steps, but eventually that'd be something I would love to do because I have such a passion for music and such a passion for stuff I've written," he says. 

Rumer Rumors: After photos surfaced of Chord and famous daughter Rumer Willis holding hands last weekend, the interwebs were abuzz with relationship chatter. So, what's the story? Chord says he's single. "If you go out in public anywhere, people are going to assume that you are dating," he told Ryan Seacrest on his morning show this week. "We're just friends. She tried to get me to dance, and I'm not a really good dancer, so I was hesitant on that one."

Ready to Be a Regular: So will Chord's Sam become a regular character on Glee Overstreet also told Seacrest that after eight episodes on a show, you become a series regular—and he's shooting number seven right now. He adds, "Everything's going good, so hopefully. It's safe to say I'll be around for awhile. I'm just having fun right now and loving what I'm doing. I couldn't really ask for more." 

What do you think about the cutesy Chord? Ready for more of his taut bod on Glee? Let us know below, and don't miss the Fox hit Tuesday night's at 8 p.m.

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