Chilean Miners,  Mario Gomez


In case you missed it (your own trapped-in-a-mine issue, perhaps?), the last of the 33 Chilean miners was plucked from the depths last night after a 69-day sojoun in the netherworld, as captivated viewers around the globe cheered on.

And now, not even a day later, the cashing-in has begun...

The Discovery Channel today announced an Oct. 28 airdate for Rescued: The Chilean Mine Story.

The network says it had exclusive access to the principals—from the miners and their relatives to rescue workers and Chilean officials, including the mining minister and President Sebastian Piñera—as well as never-before-seen footage of the operation and family reunions.

Meanwhile, the brain trust behind Deadliest Catch is also latching on to the mining theme, teaming with Spike TV for a new reality series titled Coal, focusing on the underground action in West Virginia.

Although the show was announced today (curious timing, eh?), Spike insists that it has been in development for months—long before the Chilean incident. Coal's 10-episode run commences in April.

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