This video clip contains adult language. It's just a Jersey thing.

What do you do when the state of New Jersey starts infiltrating not just your cable lineup but every aspect of your day-to-day life, as well?

If you live in South Park, you call on al-Qaida.

Yup, that's what Stan's dad decided had to be done once the Jersey border started creeping further and further west, all the way to Denver, N.J., bringing with it face-shaving housewives who think everyone else is the crazy bitch, and a wild, margarita-guzzling animal called a Snooki.

Osama bin Laden was easily swayed by a video showing the horrors perpetuated by the Jersey Shore so he agreed to lend reinforcements to the battle between the innocent South Parkians and the invaders.

Was Kyle—a Jersey boy by way of mom Sheila, née SWoww Tittybang, and therefore mercilessly persecuted by Cartman—able to intervene in time before both sides laid total waste to each other? Al-Qaida pretty much took care of the New Jerseyans.

But Kyle's hair-gel-squirting, ring-and-chain-wearing inner guido did help Cartman out of a tight spot. And Matt Stone and Trey Parker may have come up with the most viable plan to capture bin Laden yet.

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