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Hello, E! friends! 

Welcome to my page! I'm gonna start my blog with the basics: The Five Things You Don't Know About Kryss. (That last part's a bonus—most of my friends call me Kryss and spell it that way, too.)

1. My family—kids included!—used to pick cherries and cut asparagus for work in the small town I grew up in. (Which is why my most hated food used to be asparagus and cherries. My motto: If I had to pick it or cut it myself, I wouldn't eat it!) 

2. My idols growing up were Debbie Gibson and Leeza Gibbons. I've since interviewed them both.

3. I'm married! My husband is Gibby Cevallos and he's brilliant!

4. My favorite celebrity interview has to be Sandra Bullock (George Lopez comes in a close second).

5. The house I live in has some Hollywood history. Oliver Hardy (of the comedy team Laurel & Hardy) was rumored to have lived there in the 1930s. And Steve Carell lived in my house, too—I once even got some of his mail!

More to come. Keep checking in! 

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