David Arquette

Courtesy of Todd Williamson/WireImage

David Arquette is getting all meta on us.

Not content simply to cop to a moment of T.M.I. yesterday in his onair confessional with Howard Stern about his crumbling marriage to Courteney Coxextramarital hookups and falling off the wagon, he's decided to tweet about.

Take it away, David...

"I'm sure Courteney and myself will emerge from this painful time better people for what we've learned," he writes.

"Thank you all for your Love and support at this time. I'm trying figuring out how to be the best person I can be.

"but it's been a process of trial and error. I went on [Howard Stern] yesterday to provide clarity and honesty about what I'm experiencing."

Then the kicker: "but while doing that I shared too much...it's alright for me to be honest about my own feelings but in retrospect some of the information I provided involved others and for that I am sorry and humbled..Life is a process of spiritual evolution"

With some breaks along the way for tweeting, of course.

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