Jasmine Waltz, Mugshot

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

David Arquette's dry spell-breaking conquest has quite the past. And not just with Doug Reinhardt (dated), Jesse McCartney (booty called) and Lindsay Lohan (allegedly punched).

Nope. We're talking with the Florida justice system.

It was really only a matter of time before the skeletons in the closet of Courteney Cox's successor (great judgment call, David) began to break free, and for Jasmine Waltz, that time is now.

In addition to that super-flattering mug shot, Waltz's rap sheet reveals that the Hollywood hanger-on is actually 31, not 28 (tsk, tsk), and that she isn't averse to breaking a law or two.

Specifically, petty larceny and marijuana possession.

According to her criminal record, Waltz pleaded no contest to both of those offenses.

Her first plea came for a bust in April 2000, when it was Orlando's finest who booked her on misdemeanor petty larceny. She completed almost six months' probation.

Her second was in June of that year, when she pleaded no contest in Orange County Court to misdemeanor possession of cannabis. She received a suspended sentence, and was credited for two days in custody.

Way to pick a winner, David.

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