Howard Stern, David Arquette

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage; John Shearer/Getty Images for GQ Magazine

Hang in there, David Arquette: You've got the King of All Media on your side.

Howard Stern took to to the airwaves today to defend the actor against "twisted" reports following his call-in interview on Stern's show yesterday. Stern said Arquette is an "honorable guy" who was just trying to do the right thing by addressing rumors about his split from his wife of 11 years, Courteney Cox.

"He was protecting his wife and kid by telling the truth," said Stern.

Arquette, a longtime friend of the radio show, called in yesterday, saying he simply wanted to set the story straight. But interest was fueled when news of his fling with Jasmine Waltz came out.

"People think I'm a sleazebag," Arquette had told Stern. "I spent 11 years of his marriage being the most faithful man in the world. You can't imagine how faithful I was."

Today Stern stuck up for Arquette, saying the actor was confronting the situation head-on and not hiding behind a publicist. 

"Hang in there, David Arquette," said Stern after reading newspaper reports that blamed the actor for the split.

"He handled himself very well," Stern said.  "He didn't hide away in his house. He went on a legitimate show and spoke his mind and it was refreshingly honest. Anyone who heard it knew he was being honest. He was on to explain why he was in pictures with another woman. It was already in the news!"

Maybe Scream 4 will bring these two back together. They met on the set of the first film in the franchise—long before their relationship turned into a tabloid horror show, that is.

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