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Yay, my first blog post. Here you go:

My Favorite Celeb Encounter: Once, after I had just worked out, I hopped on the elevator at the gym only to look up and see Conan O'Brien on it with me. I was so sad. I was all sweaty, but I love him so much and I couldn't help but nerd out on him. I told him all about how I was an NBC page in NYC for his show and I always loved him. He was so sweet, but I think a little freaked out by me, too.

Funniest Online Rumor I've Read About Myself Is…sadly, I don't have one. Maybe I should have a scandal, then I can be on Dancing With the Stars.

My Current Entertainment Obsession: Any time a paparazzo gets run over. I mean, I feel bad for them if they get hurt…but move out of the way! It's a moving vehicle.

The Funniest Thing That Ever Happened to Me on Set (That I Can Tell You About): Oh jeez, that's tough. We always have so much fun in the office. But I do remember when Jason Kennedy and I were anchoring and we had a real kangaroo come into the studio. He was so cute, but Jason was scared and every time the 'roo moved Jason would jump back like five feet (see action shot above). I was laughing so hard, I thought I was going to pee my pants…but then the 'roo did—all over the studio!!!

My Hidden Talent is that I can sing opera. I studied in the School of Music at UNC Chapel Hill for one semester, before I switched over to the School of Journalism. I kick butt on karaoke with any Journey song!!

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