The backlash against the judges on Dancing With the Stars continues, with Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas the latest duo to be unsatisfied with their critiques.

Saving diplomacy for another time, Bristol admitted that she felt the 32 she got for her rumba was "a little bit harsh," and Mark came right out and called it "unfair."

We, for one, thought she did too well to land in second-to-last place last night, and the nonpartisan buzz out there indicates that she should have scored higher.

But was public outrage enough to keep her in the competition?

Remember, that was second-to-last place.

While Bristol had to sweat it out, the jig was up for a very frustrated Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino, whose run on DWTS ended Tuesday after his Argentine tango left much to be desired.

The Jersey Shore star was also pretty ticked off about being paddled with three 4's for technique (at least he made tons of mistakes, though) and at one point last night said he was, "like, done with this."

So is that why he returned the favor with that fairly disrespectful pec bounce while awaiting tonight's results? Up until that moment, however, we preferred ABC's Situation to the MTV version, so his oddly endearing presence will be missed.

Meanwhile, the top three stars on the leaderboard, Jennifer Grey, Audrina Patridge and Brandy—all perfectly safe—were trotted out right off bat, then Jennifer's Argentine tango with Derek Hough was tonight's designated encore.

Kyle Massey, Rick Fox, Kurt Warner and Bristol Palin are also good to dance another week.

Plus, here's the story of a star who had to be safe: Florence Henderson had to make it, considering next week's gimmick is TV theme songs.

Perhaps a response to the griping this season, which started not even with Michael Bolton's 3, but with the booing that greeted Jennifer Grey's 24, Len Goodman provided a little tutorial on the judges' scoring methods.

An 8 is actually really hard to get and "a 9 from me is like a 10 from Bruno and Carrie Ann," he revealed.

There was no mention of what they mean by all those 4's and 5's.

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