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If 10 Things I Hate About You can't come back to life, this is the next best thing. Sources just revealed that our girl Lindsey Shaw will join the Pretty Little Liars cast when the show returns to ABC Family in January. So is Lindsey playing a new Liar? And what's the latest with other 10 Things alumni?

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Insiders tell us that Shaw appears in two episodes as Paige McCullers, a character who is on the swim team with Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell). Paige is overly competitive, and she's got Emily in her sights as her main obstacle to glory. (Anybody else getting a little Swimfan vibe?) We absolutely can't wait to see Shaw on P.L.L., partly because we love Shaw and partly because P.L.L. is itself pure soapy goodness.

Plus, we just talked to 10 Things show runner Carter Covington, and he revealed that he's writing a pilot for ABC! It's a single-camera comedy set in the South, and we're praying for a pickup! (Maybe if Carter gets a new show then Ethan Peck could guest star in that?!) Speaking of Peck, we hear he has "things pending." Pend faster! Pend faster! Also, seriously, casting directors of America and the world: Put Ethan Peck in whatever you are doing. Your audience and your ratings/box-office returns will thank you!

Are you a Pretty Little Liars fan? And do you miss 10 Things as much as we do?

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