Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi

AP Photo/Mel Evans

Just when we thought New Jersey had nothing left to add to the betterment of our nation's cultural landscape comes this brilliant take on community service: punish the community, service the ego of the guilty.

Which is exactly what Jersey Shore's gorilla-loving head guidette will be doing come this weekend, when Snooki makes up for her public drunkenness by sitting for a three-hour autograph session.


Nicole Polizzi will be setting up shop at the Seaside Heights Community Center this weekend to sign autographs, which will double as a fundraising event for her favorite animal charity, Donations of Love.

"If people want an autograph, they will make a $10 contribution to Donations of Love," the Snookster's lawyer, Raymond Raya, told E! News. "Nicole will also be making an additional contribution to the organization."

Incidentally, before you dismiss Snooki's autograph sesh as not being a particularly taxing punishment, think again.

"It can be quite painful to sign autographs for three hours," Raya said.

Not as painful as actually standing in line to receive it. But then, the punishment fits the crime.

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