Jasmine Waltz, David Arquette

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images; John M. Heller/Getty Images

David Arquette has broken his dry spell with Jasmine Waltz.

"It'd been like four months or so," he told Howard Stern this morning during a TMI interview about his relationship with Courteney Cox and how they stopped having sex before their separation.

But when queried about "that girl in the papers who looks like Courteney" David admits: "I had sex with a girl once. Maybe twice."

"That girl" is Jasmine Waltz, and she actually has a link to Courteney other than their similar looks...

1. Casting Couch: The 28-year-old aspiring actress starred in two episodes of Dirt back in 2008, an FX show that Courteney Cox produced and starred in. She was simply credited as "girlfriend" for her role. But we can't say that Courteney was definitely responsible for the two meeting. Interestingly enough, David Arquette was also an executive producer of the show.

2. Famous Friends: David isn't the first Hollywood guy Jasmine's been linked to. She also dated E!'s own Ryan Seacrest, who liked her enough to whisk her on a romantic trip to Paris last year. In 2009 her romances also included Jesse McCartney. And this year, in addition to Arquette, she was spotted on a date with Chris Pine. Girlfriend gets around!

3. Packs a Punch: She was accused of punching Lindsay Lohan in the face on LL's birthday while cocktail waitressing at Voyeur. The reason for the alleged hit had something to do with Doug Reinhardt, who Lindsay was sitting with. Jasmine later denied decking Lilo, but was accused of hitting another girl the next month during a house party at Reinhardt's. The alleged victim reportedly filed for a restraining order against Waltz.

4. Keeping Quiet: Jasmine is usually pretty active on her Twitter, posting photos of her booty and musings such as "Watching chelsea and going to zzzzzzz.....Hoping for some vivid dreams- preferably the sexual kind:)" and "G'morning...LA weather is like my sexuality...I put 20 news songs on the ipod...taking a hike!" but all she's posted since the news of her and David's hookup broke was simply "Balls." She was also quiet when paps got video of her leaving the Chamberlain Hotel last night.

5. Hot Bod: The Vegas native looks pretty good in a bikini. Guess that hiking paid off.

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