Dancing With the Stars Kyle Massey, Lacey Schwimmer


Does this season of Dancing With the Stars have its first bona fide couple on the dance floor?

Not exactly. But Lacey Schwimmer reveals a certain guy by the name Massey has a "mad crush" on her...

Lacey tells us that her partner Kyle Massey's brother Christopher Massey, who cheers his little brother on each week in the Dancing With the Stars audience, has totally fallen for her.

She told us backstage last night: "[Kyle's brother] has a mad crush on me. He was driving his car down the street, stopped the car, came to my door, and gave me a hug, while traffic was still [going]." 

Kyle wants to make it clear that the Massey-in-love is not him. When Lacey asked Kyle, Kyle said of Chris: "He's like, 'How's Lacey?' And I'm like, 'Lacey? I know that name from somewhere.' And he's like, 'Your dance partner!' And I'm like, 'Oh yes, her.' "

Any chance Lacey might take mercy on either one of the brothers Massey? "It's not going to happen," she says with a smile. Ah well, the course of TV love never did run smooth...

What did you think of last night's Dancing With the Stars performances? Who will be eliminated tonight? Hit the comments with your opinions and guesses!

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