Lindsay Lohan

David Tonnessen,

Is Lindsay Lohan's umpteenth stab at rehab (OK, it's only, like, her fifth attempt) going to take? Probably not. Is that too bitchy to guess at this point?

Color us sick of seeing all this taxpayer money used to prosecute, house and babysit the spoiled movie star addict. And then add these two claims from insiders: First, that Lindsay's "not serous" about her current stay at the Betty Ford Center, and second, that she's just trying to work it for the L.A. judge handling her case.

Surely, this couldn't be true?

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Think again.

A source close to the Lohan clan tells E! Lindsay may be doing "fine" right now in rehab, but that he believes Lindsay's only participating in the program as a way to sway the judge come Oct. 22.

"She's fine," says our source. "But what mom and daughter are thinking, I gather, is: Get in and out and away from the law as fast as possible."

Our knowledgeable Lohan camper says that while he doesn't believe this is the best approach for someone attempting sobriety, L.L.'s friends hope her stint at the center will still do some good, anyway.

Fat chance. Lindsay's current attempt at sobriety will only take if Lindsay, and Lindsay alone, has made a decision to clean up her act—for herself. Not for busy-body Dina. Not for that jerk of a dad of hers. And certainly not just because the judge wants it.

Lindsay has to want it. Experts have been very clear on this point (repeatedly).

And according to another close Lohan pal, the Mean Girls star just isn't ready.

The also young and beautiful chum to Lindsay believes "she's really not serious this time. She just wants to get out of [Betty Ford], just to get out. She hasn't made a decision to stop it all, yet. That is my opinion."

Regarding the just-to-please-the-judge angle, our previous Lohan source stated pretty plainly:

"It's not the healthiest stance, but I understand just wanting it to be over with. Will that turn into some real benefits, being exposed to the program for a fair stretch of time? Maybe. I think it depends on whether the judge gives her more time."

Lohan is due back in court a week from Friday to face allegations that she violated her probation.

For the record, Lindsay's previous four rehab attempts were:

  1. Wonderland Center (30 days, checked out Feb. 16, 2007).
  2. Promises Rehab (after her traffic accident on May 26, 2000, she was checked in and released after 45 days).
  3. Cirque Lodge (August 2007 to Oct. 5, 2007).
  4. UCLA Medical Center (Aug 2010 for 23 days).

Please prove us and your friends wrong, Lindsay.

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