Not only are we getting a new album from Sugarland on Oct. 19, but the country duo will also release a new documentary about the making of the record.

The 40-minute Blood Love Hope Lust and Steam includes footage of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush working away in recording studios, backstage before, during and after various performances and on the tour bus.

Just how up close and personal does it get?

From lacing their shoes to standing on the stage of an empty arena, this is Sugarland unplugged.

"This record is about discovery and rediscovery," Nettles says about their fourth album, The Incredible Machine.

Bush admits, "There's so much expansion that it contains in it a lot of fear."

Well, they certainly don't look or sound like they're fearing much.

And it's nice to see they don't lose their senses of humor even if they're pooped from a long session in the studio. "All the magic, it's gone," Bush cracks at one point. "We are terrible. We suck."

As if.

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