Being the studly movie star that he is, you'd think Jason Segel could handle anything his small screen hit How I Met Your Mother throws his way.

Unfortunately for Jason, we just so happened to be on set for tonight's high-larious race across New York-themed episode—and that is so not the case. Find out why in our exclusive interview above, plus see what Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor and our girl Alyson Hannigan have to say about the sweat-inducing Amazing Race-centric ep...

"In this episode I'm doing so much physical comedy, it's crazy," Cobie tells us. "I'm the one who instigated this, where the group of friends said, 'You're not a true New Yorker 'cause if you were, you would have seen Woody Allen, and crushed a cockroach with your bare hand, and stolen a cab, and had a breakdown on a subway and not cared about what anyone thought.' So tonight, Robin goes through all those things."

Sounds fun, right? Well, not if you're Jason Segel. See, everyone sort of cheats their way through the race, except sweet ol' Marshall. Which meant a lot of running for one non-runner.

Laughs Jason: "And of all the people they picked to run they picked me, which just seems odd. It's really unclear to me. One of them gets to take a cab, one gets the subway, and I'm the one who runs? That just doesn't seem smart on their behalf."

At least Neil was there with some moral support for Jas...or not. "I don't think anybody has to say Jason's out of shape," Neil jokes. "Look at the guy run. He's not a marathoner. It takes him awhile. You gotta call 'background, Jason stand up please, someone push him,' and then action and then he finally will go. I'm good. Barney's on a pedi-cab."

If we haven't said this lately: NPH FTW! Who doesn't adore this guy?!

Tune into CBS tonight at 8 p.m. for this fun-filled How I Met Your Mother, and for more from our equally fun-filled set visit, check out E! News tonight at 7 p.m.

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