Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard

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Dear Ted:
Why do some celeb couples feel the need to deny they're together? I'm thinking of Skarsworth for example—they've been together for a year, but they try not to be shot together, and he always looks grumpy when spotted with her. She seems to love the paps and always smiles when they're spotted, so is the avoidance of the topic due to his desire to keep his personal life private? Or is the avoidance ploy to keep interest in them so they'll stay in the news?

Dear Do Not Disturb:
Consider it the Robsten approach to romance: The more they try to brush off the paps, the more the paparazzi want to snap moments of their "über-secretive" relaysh. Both of these babes are très PR savvy, mind you, and Kate has never met a photog she didn't love.

Dear Ted:
What is up with Leighton Meester's outfits lately? It really seems to me that the more Blake Lively gets all the attention, the worse Leighton's outfits get. Is this an act of rebellion or something? Is there a lot of behind-the-scenes drama on that show? P.S. Please keep reporting on the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!

Dear N.Y. Fashion No-Nos:
Blake definitely is the chic chick who gets all the fashion attention, especially now that she's Anna Wintour's go-to It girl. So the only way L.M. can try to overshadow her is with...shall we say bold fashion choices? Sure, sometimes she looks whackadoodle, but she's hot enough (and confident enough, mind you) to pull off a garbage bag.

Dear Ted:
What's with the American press fascination towards Mark Zuckerberg? I am aware how influential he might be, but the guy is not celebrity material. So why is it that gossip and entertainment press seem to want to know so much about him?

Dear Friend Request:
It's a combination of things. Facebook is super infused in American culture, definitely a staple of daily life for millions of people. Then add on the fact that he was so young when he made it and is now a billionaire and you've got some definite drama. Celeb or not, everyone loves drama.

Dear Ted:
I know I'm really, really, really late with this one. But I just recently read your Five Things You Need To Know About Tom Sturridge. It said he never wants to work with Rob? He already has! They were both in the movie Vanity Fair!
Dear Fair Game:
Trust, babe, I know my R.Pattz IMDb. Wouldn't exactly say V.F. counts as the duo's BFF project seeing as one of the dudes never ended up on the big screen. Does it?

Dear Ted:
I'm a huge fan of Glee (especially that Cory Monteith!) and I've noticed that their interviews and such are a little more, uh, tailored than when they first started, most likely because the publicists got involved and are coaching them on what they should and should not say. While I do think they're a tight-knit group, I can't help but also think there are some Vicey things going on behind the scenes that Ryan Murphy and Fox big-wigs are keeping under wraps to make sure their golden egg of a show isn't marred by behind the scene antics. What's your take?

Dear Sing It Sister:
Duh. If this is news to you, F, you clearly haven't been following this blolumn for very long.

Dear Ted:
Does Anderson Cooper have a Blind Vice? Do you agree that his efforts regarding teen bullying would have more clout if his own personal situation was clarified?

Dear The Coop Poop:
While I do think that discussing one's sexuality helps an audience relate them to the topic at hand, I definitely don't think it's necessary for A.C. to "clarify" his "personal situation." Kuddos to him for taking such an active stand on the issue.

Dear Ted:
You say that Priscilla Desert is experienced with boys more so than Parrish Maguire, but has she gone all the way with the boys she has dated, because she seems to be quite virginal?

Dear P-Squared:
Virginal shmirginal, have you read anything I've had to say about Pris? It's all an act, doll. And she's nailing it.

Dear Ted:
I don't mind the Twilight takeover in your column, but could you serve up some Vicey goodness along with it? We haven't heard much about Julie Bone-Jumper in a while. What's she been up to? And what about Rocky Trailer?
—Lisa Marie

Dear Twilight Sex Saga:
Both babes are up to various naughty antics behind the scenes, of course, but expect them to ramp up when Breaking Dawn goes back into production. That's when all these Vicers really start to act up.

Dear Ted:
I've been a loyal reader for years, have tuned numerous friends onto your genius, and have two wonderful rescue dogs that also adore you. You've got to tell me, because I'm dying to know: What is Shafterella up to these days? You've updated us on Toothy, so how about a little news on his former beard.

Dear Given The Shaft:
I'm still totally pissed at Shafty for how she treated Toothy, so screw her and the new dude that she has. Of course she thinks she's totally in love with him, though, if that's what you're curious about.

Dear Ted:
I am in love with sports and feel like I know who Pepper Harthman is! I was wondering if Pepper Harthman is an anagram for the actual person's name or just a made-up Blind Vice name that has nothing to do with the actually person?

Dear Juggling Balls:
Oh, Pepp's name definitely has to do with his personality, but an anagram? I'm not giving the Vices away that easily, Flo.

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