Snooki Costume

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Move over, witches, werewolves and vampires!

This year's hottest Halloween costumes are inspired by Lady Gaga and our pals over on the Jersey Shore...

Nationwide costume retailers like Party City and Spirit Halloween began stocking their shelves with Gaga and guido costumes earlier in the month.

Spirit carries a $30 Snooki costume, complete with cleavage-baring minidress and mile-high poof wig. Not as ripped as The Situation? No problem. His look comes with a built-in six-pack for only $25. Rounding out the GTL-themed looks is DJ Pauly D.

"Pauly D, we've been selling those," says Cynthia Pascual, a sales associate at Spirit's Los Angeles Miracle Mile location. "Those are the ones people have been coming in and asking for."

Lady Gaga Costume

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It's a different story at their Westwood location. "The Situation is sold out, it's completely gone," says store assistant manager Dolores Santillan. "Lady Gaga is popular because she is just pretty amazing. A lot of people are asking for Lady Gaga and everyone is trying on the ‘Poker Face' costume and the accessories."

For just $15 you can rock Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" red lace getup or get her "Telephone" American flag two-piece for $40. Also available are bejeweled glasses and mirror-ball masks.

Thinking about strutting around in a Gaga meat dress but don't want to spend big bucks on real sirloin? Try's T-bone steak look for $37.

Sure, it's not as fashion forward, but at least you won't have to worry about maggots.

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