Don't even think of trying to tame Miley Cyrus now!

The sexy music video for her new international single, "Who Owns My Heart," just premiered across the pond in Madrid, complete with table dancing, hot pants, and lots of sultry gyrating.

In the video...

The 17-year-old rolls out of bed (in undies!) before heading to a house mansion party where she cozies up to guys—and yes, girls—on the dance floor. Much like "Can't Be Tamed," Cyrus shows off plenty of skin while strutting around in short shorts and a slinky, low-cut gold top.

"It's just about freeing yourself from anything you think is holding you back," the singer told about her current album.

As we first reported, Cyrus' second single to be released domestically will be her cover of Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." We're hearing it should be out sometime next month.

So what do you think of "Who Owns My Heart" video? Sound off below.

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