Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer

Courtesy of Denise Truscello

Newlyweds Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin posed naked and bloody for a controversial cover of Rolling Stone, but Stephen admitted last night that they're actually boring homebodies.

And the actor gave a very eye-opening answer to another question:

First, when asked what he and Anna's favorite date night activity is, he said they just like to lounge with their pets.

"Really, sitting in, playing with the dogs and doing the normal stuff at home, truthfully," he told reporters at last night's L.A. Philharmonic Opening Night gala.

But when asked what wife Anna's sexiest quality is, Stephen misheard and thought he was being asked what his sexiest attribute is.

"I, I can't!" he joked before dashing inside Disney Concert Hall.

And while Stephen told me that married life is "awesome", he was without his spouse at last night's event.

Considering they live and work together on set, we're sure an occasional night away from each other makes their relationship even better!

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