Nick Hogan

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Nick Hogan seems to be realizing he doesn't always know best.

While in the past he has briefly commented on the accident that nearly killed his best friend and got him locked up for eight five months back in 2008, Nick is now opening up even more about that fateful day… 

"It was being young and, honestly, just stupid, not mature," the 20-year-old son of wrestler Hulk Hogan told Good Morning America's Andrea Canning. "Absolutely reckless."

So reckless in fact that his pal, John Graziano, suffered permanent brain damage and requires full-time care as a result of the horrific crash.

"I remember finding out how bad everything was," recalls Nick, fighting back tears, when the subject of his friend comes up. "It's still hard for me to think about it."

And while Nick says he has tried to reach out to him, it's pretty obvious John's family doesn't want any contact being made.

A statement released to GMA by the Grazianos through their attorney reads: "Nick has done nothing to show his remorse. We haven't heard a word from him."

Meanwhile, Nick insists he is doing everything he can to turn his life around.

"I think cautiously about every decision I make now," he says.

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