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Michaele and Tareq Salahi's lawyer may have fired off a letter to their Real Housewives of Washington D.C. costars warning them not to refer to the controversial couple as "party crashers," but it doesn't sound like it had much of an impact.

Housewife Stacie Scott Turner says they can threaten all they want, but she's not about to stop...

"Crasher, crasher, crasher, crasher!" Turner says with a big laugh. "I'm a regular citizen. Freedom of speech!"

Referring to the couple as party crashers is "legally actionable defamation," the Salahis' lawyer Lisa Bloom wrote in said letter.

However, Turner does think "crasher" may be a little too strong. "Crash to me means that you like snuck through the back door," she says. "Clearly, they went through check points and were in there. But the fact that there's no invitation and there isn't any clear written correspondence even in their book that they were invited, I think it was just wishful thinking on their part. They believed they were really invited."

With the first season's finale tonight, Turner says she's open to returning. "I had a really good experience overall," she says. "It would be interesting to see if it's the same cast of characters."

In other words, would the Salahis even be asked back?

"I'm not sure, given everything that I've read lately about their legal problems and so forth, if they will have much of a life and a storyline," Turner says. "And I don't think it's the drama that Bravo wants or needs."

Now we want to hear from you: Should The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. be renewed for a second season—and should it include the Salahis? Sound off below.

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