Melanie Brown, Stephen Belafonte

Charley Gallay/

Who needs girl power when you got a strong man willing to protect you?

Mel B's husband says he was forced to fisticuffs to defend himself and his star wife when they were accosted last night in London.

Stephen Belafonte says he and his Spice Girl wife were dining at the restaurant of the Mayfair Hotel when an unidentified man approached.

According to a source at the hotel, the man hurled racial epithets at Belafonte, prompting him into action.

"I was defending myself," Belafonte tells E! News exclusively. "The police came and took him away.

"Violence is never the answer, but you have to defend yourself."

Paparazzi photos of the melee show Belafonte with his shirt ripped off and the other man with a gash on his head.

Despite the ruckus, neither man has filed a complaint and police have decided not to pursue charges.

The couple are in town promoting their Style Network reality series, Mel B: It's a Scary World.


—Additional reporting by Whitney English

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