Johnny Depp, Before Night Falls

El Mar Pictures

It's refreshing to see that Hollywood hunks like James Franco are embracing their inner drag, especially in a time where ignorant peeps really want to mess with how you should dress, or worse, who you should be. But let's not forget the brave men who came before Mr. Franco and his Ms. turn for Candy magazine.   

The fellas on our list have dared to declare their deep-down diva selves with bold lipstick, wild wigs and sexy stockings. Do you remember some of the best male queens of our time?

We don't want to completely leave you dragging on, so we'll give it to ya straight:

Some of Hollywood's manliest and most respected men have thrown caution to the wind and dolled up for the cameras. One of the hunks on our drag list dirty danced his way into our hearts before he slipped into some silky slacks, while another is a bad boy turned real bad mamba-jamba.

Intrigued yet?

So, if you've got the guts to take a glimpse at these guys gone gals, check out drag-tastic cast list in our new gallery!

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