Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson

Angela Weiss/Getty Images; AP Photo/Matt Sayles

As if pint-sized player Justin Bieber didn't already have the craziest fans in the biz, he's gone and opened a big can of vampire worms by name-dropping Robert Pattinson to a British tab.

But don't worry, J.B. isn't using the Twilight superstar's name to get press—just babes:

Yep, Biebs wants to hit the town with equally well-coiffed R.Pattz as his wingman. Too funny!

So we gotta ask, which fellow would you rather have help you score some lovin'?

Let's run down the pros of each dreamy dude, shall we?

First, there's Rob.

And let's be honest, if he was able to land one of the hottest actresses in young Hollywood, you know that he has some game up his sleeve.

And he's got that Edward Cullen-appeal now, which is completely undeniable to any gal between the ages of 9 and 90. Plus, with his laid back 'tude and loyalty to his Brit Pack buddies, you know he's not going to leave you hanging at the end of the night.

Then there's Justin.

If you're into the teen-scene or that, uh, odd cougarific crowd, the Bieb won't have to do any work at all because they'll be flocking to you. And Justin certainly has the confidence Rob does not. Then, once he's had his pick, maybe he'll introduce you to one of his rejects.

It's a tough call, so we're leaving it up to you: Bieber or Pattinson, which star are you trusting with your femme fate?

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