Survivor: Nicaragua

Monty Brinton/CBS

Wow. Is this a tribe or a funeral party?

Guess we aren't the only ones mourning the loss of Jimmy Johnson on Survivor: Nicaragua. By voting him out, the Espada tribe lost their pep and are trudging around like zombies.

Even the young'uns were subdued tonight...

But while it was quiet at Kiddie Kamp, blustering Jimmy T.'s inability to STFU irritated his tribe—so much that they snuffed him instead of the guy who can't walk.

Character Assassination: Marty declared that Jimmy T. was committing Survivor suicide with his rants, and offered graphic metaphors to emphasize his point ("give him a little rope and he'll hang himself from the nearest branch"; "that's the equivalent of putting a gun to your mouth, pulling the trigger and blowing your brains out"). In the end, though, Marty was Jimmy T's executioner. His alliance helped build the gallows, to the dismay of Holly and Jane, who must have thought they were going to a puppet show instead.

Survival of the Sittest: Dan spent more time on his ass than Vecepia did in Marquesas, and yet he's still in the game while the brawny fisherman was tossed overboard. There's nothing more deflating for a tribe—or TV viewers—then when alliances take over this early in the game. But Mark Burnett & Co. aren't going to let Espada's losing streak continue—if the buff-dropping previews are to be believed, a major reorganization is taking place next week. Here's hoping Boston Rob and Russell Hantz show up with a keg; otherwise, this party might be over.

Put a Sock in It: Nasty NaOnka has the Immunity Idol, which means she will continue her mystifying attacks on Kelly B. Why? Was NaOnka once attacked by an amputee? True to her character, she hides the Idol in one of the socks she stole from Jud. (Where was goofy Fabio tonight anyway? I hope he's not lost or stuck in a tree.) We're supposed to love to hate reality villains, but NaOnka's humorless bullying is just tiresome.

Hopefully scrambling and shifting alliances will result in a blindside and wake us up next week. Sending Dan home by Medevac wouldn't hurt either—at least we wouldn't have to hear Jeff Probst complain about his bum knee at Tribal Council anymore.

(Originally published Oct. 6, 2010, at 8:49 p.m. PT)

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