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John Lennon once said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. So by our math, the Gleeks are now running the universe.

Need proof the New Directions are officially bigger than the Fab Four?

With six new songs on the Billboard Hot 100, thanks to last week's Britney Spears episode, the cast of Glee now has had 75 total tunes hit the pop chart. That passes the 71 singles that John, Paul, George and Ringo landed. (Coincidentally, both the Beatles and Glee kids charted with "Hello, Goodbye" and another Fab Four cover, Kurt's tender "I Want to Hold Your Hand" from last night's episode, should be charting soon.)

While the Glee gang still has a ways to go for the all-time mark of 108 songs on the pop chart, held by Elvis Presley, they can console themselves by knowing that they have sold a whopping 2.8 million albums and 11.5 million downloads overallaccording to Nielsen SoundScan.

Still, some castmembers have expressed bitter feelings about supposedly being stiffed out of profits from music sales, claiming that Sony Music's deal to sell music from the series largely cut out the stars in favor of the show's executive producer, Ryan Murphy.

That has us thinking—maybe the Beatles were wrong and money can buy you love...

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