Chord Overstreet, Chris Colfer

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Miranda Penn Turin/Fox

It was Jane Lynch who got everyone way excited about Chord Overstreet playing Kurt's boyfriend on Glee. But as our E! Online pal Kristin Dos Santos exclusively told you, dark-haired adorable newcomer Darren Everet Criss will be the gay Gleek's beau.

So, we have to ask: Was there ever a plan for Overstreet to become one half of McKinley's upcoming super couple? Did the plans change once the same-sex storyline got out of the bag? Here's what the pouty-lipped blonde hottie himself just told us...

"It was one of those things where nobody knew anything because the writers hadn't written anything for it yet," Overstreet said. "There was so much buzz about it that when each person was cast, everybody was like, 'That's the guy!'"

Overstreet insists he was never told one way or the other. "I really wasn't sure," he said. "It could have gone either way."

So, if not Kurt then who would Overstreet like to make sweet music with on the show? "There will be things happening in the next couple of episodes," he said. "I don't want to give too much away, but all the girls are really cute and adorable and it would be fun to work with all of them. It'll be fun. It's going to be a cute little kooky storyline."

PS: Overstreet is as big a fan of Dot-Marie Jones, the real-life former arm wrestling champion who plays Coach Beiste, as we are. "I don't want to brag or anything but I beat her in arm wrestling," he cracked. "I used both arms and I had a guy push me from behind, but yeah, I beat her."

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