James Franco, Candy Magazine Cover

Candy Magazine

Well, this is a whole new side of this guy we've never seen before!

We already knew the movie star danced to the beat of his own drum, but who knew he was so secure in his sexuality that he has no problem dancing around in drag?

Can you tell who it is?

If the "Viva Franco" line weren't on the cover of this issue of Candy, we seriously would have no idea the elegant man behind the blue eye makeup and bright red lips was James Franco.

James is easily one of our favorite actor's in town right now, from the wacky roles he picks to the magazine covers he decides to promote himself and his flicks on.

Seriously, what guy in Hollywood will go from Esquire to The Advocate to Candy? The one who would have no problem adding General Hospital to his résumé after starring in an Oscar-nominated movie, that's who!

Terry Richardson shot the cover, and we're loving it, but we just don't think the blue is the right shade for Mr. F.

Are you digging James' promo tactics for his new flicks Howl and 127 Days? Sound off below!

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