Diane Lane, Secretariat, Andrew Garfield, The Social Network, Anne Hathaway, Love and Other Drugs

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Oscar hype has definitely been heating up since our last round of predictions for next year's nominees. These days, a big box-office flick can't come out without at least a passing mention of being awards fodder—last week's The Social Network, for ince.

And yes, we do think at least one of the Harvard gents will get recognized, but the big Q is which one: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield or Justin Timberlake? Plus, we've made more picks for film's biggest honors:

Andrew Garfield for Best Supporting Actor: While we think Jesse definitely deserves a shot at Best Actor, we're putting our money on Andrew to score a spot in the supporting actor race. And just fyi, J.T. was fine, but definitely doesn't deserve Oscar-praise...not by a long shot.

If we could "Like" a performance from the flick, it would be A.G.'s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg's BFF turned Facebook cocreator turned PO'ed frenemy, Eduardo Saverin. Our status would read something along the lines of: "Holy future Spider-man, Andrew Garfield has more acting chops in those puppy-dog eyes than half the kids in Young Hollywood do in their whole bodies combined."

Plus, with Never Let Me Go already generating mentions of little gold man glory—including for A's darling costars, Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan—the dude will be on the Oscar voters' minds.

Anne Hathaway for Best Actress: Why not make it two years in a row? The A-list honey was nominated for Rachel Getting Married and—despite the über-disaster Bride Wars—has maintained a high-quality résumé, including her latest flick opposite Jake Gyllenhaal.

If you're thinking of dubbing Love and Other Drugs another run-of-the-mill rom-com, think again. Sure, the film has its lovey-dovey biz, but it's much more than that (and so much more than just Jakey-poo playing a playboy).

As good as Jake may be, Anne is the heart of the movie, playing a no-BS babe living with early onset Parkinson's disease. The way she balanced falling in love and coping with her disease left us crying like babies.

Not to undermine her amazing performance, but she at least deserves a nom for her bangin' bod (which, along with J.G., is on display for much of the film). The gal's acting chops aren't the only thing in top form these days.

Diane Lane for Best Actress, the Long Shot: We'll admit it: We don't really expect Di to get nommed for this horsey movie Secretariat. But she is good!

And after Sandra Bullock won for Blind Side last year, we realize the Oscar voters may be into those touching, family features. If you don't know the backstory of the world's most famous horse, Diane plays the trainer of Secretariat—the little race horse that could.

"Seabiscuit, who?" we say.

We definitely got into the horse races, but we were even more interested in Diane's portrayal of a housewife turned horse trainer who wouldn't take no for an answer and who wouldn't put up with any crap from the male-dominated racing culture.

We may be biased, but we love a powerful female lead. Too bad there aren't more out there for us to love.

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