My Soul to Take, Secretariat, Life as We Know It, The Social Network

Rogue Pictures; John Bramley/ Disney Enterprises, Inc; Peter Iovino/Warner Bros. Entertainment; Columbia Pictures

Do you love feel-good horse movies? What about Wes Craven thrillers where teenagers get killed off, one by one, by some psycho?

Either way, you're in luck! This weekend, there's something for everyone at the movies, so what's it gonna be?

But first, have you seen the movie everyone's talking about? You know, the "Facebook movie," aka The Social Network? If not, it's time to play catch-up and get to the theater.

Or were you just never interested in those kids from Harvard and their special website? If so, Secretariat is the true story drama of a record-setting racehorse that beat the odds.

Looking to get your thrill fix instead? If that's the case, check out horror master Craven's My Soul to Take. Not interested? How about a romantic comedy? Maybe Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel as impromptu parents in Life As We Know It. Maybe? Maybe not?

Vote now!

New Movie Poll: Oct. 7, 2010
So, what ya gonna see?
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