Glee Boss Dishes on the Return of Jonathan Groff, "Trouble" for Rachel, the Super Bowl and More!

Will John Stamos become a regular? What happened with the head-shaving in the Britney episode? Show boss Ryan Murphy gives us the scoop

By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 05, 2010 8:02 PMTags
Lea Michele, Jonthan Groff, Cory MonteithJason Merritt/Getty Images; Patrick Ecclesine/FOX; Matthias Clamer/FOX

Happy Glee day, y'all! To celebrate what some are calling the best-ever episode tonight, "Grilled Cheesus," I've checked in with the show's big cheese himself, Ryan Murphy, for exclusive scoop on John Stamos, Jonathan Groff, the Super Bowl episode, Gwyneth Paltrow, Finn and Rachel and more...

Will Jonathan Groff be back?
Jon Groff is definitely coming back next year. Next calendar year. He's not available until January, but he'll be in the back [nine] episodes of this season.

Will John Stamos become a regular?
We haven't made any decisions about John yet, but we love him! I think he's been incredible so far on the show. And really funny.

Is it true you've narrowed the big Super Bowl episode down to two choices?
No, I still haven't figured out who I want to do. I feel like everyone's already talking about Michael Jackson or Springsteen or Prince, but I want to do something that no one would suspect. Just some random person, I don't know. I have a couple feelers out to several artists, all of whom have said yes—which I never expected, so now I have to choose, and I don't know who I want.

Thanks for the "good news" on Will and Emma, and their quadrangle with Gwyneth Paltrow. Will there be any Coldplay in the Gwyneth episode? I know they originally passed, but then gave you guys music clearance.
No, I'm having her do other stuff. We'd thought about that but I'm going to save them for a big competition episode. I don't know when, maybe not even this year. I love them.

There were rumors going around that Matthew Morrison was going to shave his head for the Britney Spears episode. Was that ever true?
Out of respect to her, to Britney, we decided we're just going to make this about the music and not talk about anything else. I wanted it to be positive. That was never seriously going to happen, it was just an idea—it was discussed as one of many things to do because she's had many pop culture events, but it was quickly discarded. None of us really felt it was appropriate.

How about something juicy on Finn and Rachel?
Nothing really new on the Rachel-Finn front...Although I will tell you there is trouble ahead when Rachel plays spin the bottle!

Don't forget to check out Glee's provocative and emotional "Grilled Cheesus" episode tonight on Fox! (Bring a big ol' box of Kleenex.)