When it came to her appearance, Lisa Rinna knew what you were thinking. And joking about with your friends. And writing about on your blog.

Score one for self awareness. And, sadly, for insecurity, as the constant stream of media taunts about her seemingly ever-increasing lips finally got the best of her, leading her to go (back) under the knife this summer to surgically reduce the size of her pout and, hopefully, close the critical floodgates.

If only others would follow her lead

"I never had thought that you could do anything about it," she explained on the Today show this morning, justifying why she hadn't undergone the minimizing procedure earlier.

"I didn't. You have silicone put in, that's it, it's permanent."

It was only through the process of filming her reality show with hubby Harry Hamlin, Harry Loves Lisa, that she learned she could permanently deflate her infamous pucker—which the 47-year-old has had for a whopping 24 years.

"I had no idea you could remove it, so I was like, 'Yes, let's do it.' "

As for why, while Lisa admitted she was shocked at the criticism her appearance received, she said that she did it "for me."

"I no longer wanted my lips to be what defines me."

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