When you're in a movie called Red, what better way to promote it than to appear on a talk show wearing something, well, red, right?

Of course, while most people might opt for an article of clothing in that particular color, Bruce Willis decided to take it to the next level during his appearance Monday night on The Late Show With David Letterman

By donning none other than a meat hairpiece.

"It's 100 percent ground beef sirloin," clarified the actor regarding his new toupee inspired by a certain Lady Gaga dress. "Top shelf, organic."

And Atkins-friendly.

After explaining his "lather, rinse, repeat, tenderize" shampooing technique, Willis politely asked his host: "Have you eaten?"

So as not to be rude (and to make for some good TV), Letterman proceeded to take fork to faux follicles and gave it a taste.

A very brief taste.

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