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Life Unexpected, the CW's little gem of a family drama, has folded some fresh faces into its second season, and the show's big boss Liz Tigelaar is dishing on what you can really expect from wayward bartender babe Arielle Kiebel (Paige), inappropriate teacher Shaun Sipos (Eric) and our personal fave, business bigwig Emma Caulfield (Anya Emma). Sure, these newbies are hooking up with our old faves, but who are they, and can they be trusted? Here's the scoop:

If Ryan's (Kerr Smith) little sis Paige hadn't already done enough damage by sleeping with Baze (Kris Polaha) and then burning down the bar, tonight's Math-centric episode of LUX follows the adorkable English teacher on his quest to date the sexy sister and coach Lux's (Britt Robertson) basketball team. Busy night!

"It's a big episode for Math," Austin Basis tells us. "He does his best to get over his crush on Cate (Shiri Appleby) and asks Ryan's sister Paige out on a date, and hilarious hijinks ensue. You also get to the core of who Baze and Math are in each others' lives when they're coaching the first girl's JV basketball game of the season...and they're doing it together. Working with a team is not always the easiest things."

So how exactly do things go for Math with Arielle's Paige? "Math thinks the date goes really well," Austin jokes. "She may be the future Mrs. Rogers." doesn't go well.

But before you go judging Paige and all the other newbies, Liz Tigelaar has a few things to say.

"We think of Paige as a bull in a china shop," Liz tells us. "She doesn't notice the path of destruction that she's leaving in her wake, and she's just one of the dudes. She's just so sparkly and confident, and she's just not shy at all. It's amazing."

Same goes for Lux's new teacher/fling Eric, who is actually more than just a teacher/fling. Explains Liz: "Shaun's character is helpful in Lux overcoming what she's grappling with in her own dynamic of being a kid. He's definitely going to be around for the first half of the season. Eric fills a certain void by being a guy who really takes care of Lux and provides something that maybe her parents are overlooking a bit."

And then there's Emma Caulfield's Emma, who soon has her eyes set on Baze. "I am so in love with Emma Caufield, we named the character after her!" gushes Tigelaar. The new romance doesn't happen for a few more weeks, but once it does, Cate will not be happy.

"Struggles start to come out in Cate's relationship with Ryan, because she can't help but question the choice that she made," choosing Ryan over Baze.

Are you watching LUX this season? What do you think of these new characters? Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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