Glee Cast: Let's Tackle Gay Suicide Right Now

Ryan Murphy wants to address epidemic in an upcoming episode

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Oct 05, 2010 2:15 PMTags
Kevin McHale, Heather Morris, Jessalyn Gilsig, Matthew MorrisonJeffrey Mayer/Getty Images; Jason Kempin/; Greg DeGuirre/FOX

The Glee kids are one of the most sought after, and overworked, casts around right now, and yet they still manage to spend tons of their free time doing charity.

Most of the cast, sans Lea Michele and Jane Lynch, hosted a benefit Sunday to raise money for The Rape Treatment Center. And many of them talked to us about an upcoming episode that will address another unfortunate, but prevalent social issue: gay suicide.

So what's the plan?

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"[Show creator] Ryan [Murphy] wants to do an episode about it, which I think is very smart of him," the delectable Matthew Morrison told us. "As a cast I don't know much we can do. That's why I think an episode would be great... Ryan is very current with staying on the times, so I think it would be this season if it were to happen."

Anything to get the word out quickly about this terrible trend, right?

"I just found out today about the episode, and I think that's amazing," chimed in one of our fave Glee gals, Heather Morris. "I just saw the tragedies on the news the other night. I think people need to be aware of what the internet is doing for so many people. Yeah it's good, but people are putting up other people's private movies? It's disgusting."

Heather is referring to Tyler Clementi, a student who jumped from the George Washington Bridge after a video of him with another man was put online without his knowledge.

"It's sad that it's taken these past few weeks and horrible tragedies to really let people know what's going on," added Kevin McHale. "I think being in our position and Ryan taking that on is great."

"Hopefully we can move the general public and let the kids and the parents watching the show know that everybody deserves to be loved," McHale 'fessed.

Jessalyn Gilsig took Kevin's sentiment one step further saying it's the parents who really need to listen up:

"What's unique about Glee is we have this audience of kids and adults. Just as it's important to send this message to the kids about bullying and the effect in can have, we have to send it to the parents. We have to send it to the teachers.

"It's the adults who have to start taking responsibility and managing this behavior and educating youth on acceptance, empathy, and compassion," J. continued rather sternly. "In a sense, I can't even demonize the children as much as I do the families that need to know. Parents and the administration need to take responsibility."

Bravo to Ryan and the entire cast for what they do. Glee truly is a unique platform to address social issues.

Sunday alone the cast in attendance raised enough money to support The Rape Treatment Center for an entire year!

Talk about using star power for good.