Danielle Staub, Real Housewives of New Jersey

Andrei Jackamets/Bravo

Danielle Staub will now have a new "worst day of her life" to look forward to.

Just days before she was set to be "destroyed" by ex-husband Kevin Maher, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has settled a $5 million defamation case that threatened to bring more skeletons—who knew there were any left?—out of her closet. 

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Maher sued Staub for $5 million over her accusations that he raped her with a gun and on a "bed of broken glass," hanged her dog, and played Russian roulette with her lady parts. Just last month, he told E! News that he was looking forward to having his lawyers grill her at her deposition, which had been slated for tomorrow.

"She's been ducking and hiding from her deposition since this lawsuit has been filed," says Maher. "Oct. 5 will be the worst day of her life, when she is confronted under oath with all her lies. She's going to be destroyed."

Staub fired back with her own lawsuit against Maher and asked the court to specifically exclude from testimony "any evidence that the Defendant was a prostitute, or a stripper, or is promiscuous, or has been featured in sex tapes."

Instead, the dynamic duo signed papers on Friday agreeing to an out-of-court peace treaty.

"I'm just glad it's over," Maher told E! News today.

He said he could not discuss details of the settlement, but did say that he found it "interesting" that Staub chose to settle just days before she was to be deposed.

Sure the dueling lawsuits may be history but it doesn't sound like they've exactly kissed and made up.

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