Danielle Staub

Heidi Gutman/BRAVO

First rule of selling your house: You have to let potential buyers in to look at the house.

Ever the drama queen, Danielle Staub is refusing to turn over the keys to her New Jersey mansion to the real estate agent trying to unload it, and it's festered on the market for a year now.

"We haven't been able to get inside the house," realtor Bob Lindsay tells E! News of the mansion, listed on the Coldwell Realty site at just over $1 million. "She hasn't cooperated yet. There was an order from a judge back in August to provide us with keys, which she wouldn't do prior to court either."

Lindsay says he has not spoken to the reality star, and that not only is she refusing to cooperate, she's been avoiding him outright.

"We've tried talking to her, calling her, she rejected attempts to move forward," he says.

Staub, who has left The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has vacated the Wayne Township mansion—but has left most of her belongings still inside the 6,000 square foot Tudor-style colonial.

"She has moved out, but she still has to remove her personal effects out of the house," says Lindsay, who has never even stepped foot inside the home. "I was led to believe she'd do this soon. She's been out of the house for a couple of weeks now."

Lindsay says all the procrastinating is only "messing her up," because the company missed a better portion of the year for sales, but that he still expects the home, complete with fireplace, tanning room, billiard room and pool with cabana, to be snapped up.

"I would hope it'll sell, considering I priced it competitive, I'm expecting it'll sell," he says. "The house is 21 years old, it's a very well constructed house, but the landscaping is completely overgrown and unkempt, the exterior needs work. Plus you're at a point where you have a 21-year-old roof, furnace, whoever buys it, they need to put money into the house."

Staub's ex-husband, Thomas Staub, is attempting to facilitate the sale of the home, Lindsay says, but to no avail.

"He is trying to cooperate with her, but if she doesn't do it soon enough the court will compel her to," Lindsay says. "The husband and his lawyer have been trying to work with her. The last time we were in court for this was in August and basically it got to the point where there was order for her to vacate. She was supposed to be out by Sept. 8 and she was out around that date, but she hasn't given us the keys."

Although the situation has become frustrating, Lindsay says it's now "out of my control" and that Maher is planning on returning to court if they don't get access to the home soon.

Our advice to the real estate dude: get a Bravo TV crew there and we're sure Staub will show up posthaste.

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