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Nice try, Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker). Despite scrambling away from Fortress Druglord and the scene of Pilar's (Kate del Castillo) murder at full speed, it turns out that after a season on the lam, clan Botwin hasn't gotten away with very much at all.

Sources confirm that Demián Bichir returns to Weeds this season as Tijuana mayor, jilted husband and devoted daddy Esteban Reyes for the penultimate Nov. 8 installment and the season finale on Nov. 15. We just chatted with Demián, and here's what he told us about the coming consequences of Nancy's actions...

According to Bichir, it's anybody's game when it comes to ensnaring Pilar's killers. He says, "This is a first-come, first-served situation, and everyone is after Nancy and me. Because there's been a murder, and they are digging out a couple of things about Esteban that are pretty much not OK. The whole situation is time-sensitive. It's a time bomb. We'd better hurry up, because this is getting uglier as time goes by. Esteban's pretty, pretty upset about the whole thing. Because you don't run away with my boy—Esteban's not going to sit down and cross his arms and wait for his boy. That's not going to happen."

So is once-beloved wife Nancy now strictly disposable, at least as far as Esteban is concerned? According to Bichir, "I do want my boy back, but you never know—you see your girl again, and maybe she gets one or two spanks before you kill her." Awww, Esteban and Nancy always did like the spanking. It'd almost be sweet if it weren't so psychotic.

Bichir certainly wouldn't mind if things got heated between Mr. and Mrs. Reyes one last time. He says of costar Mary-Louise Parker, "There have been some really nice hot scenes with Mary-Louise, and it's really hard to do those scenes unless you have a true partner, a good friend and a generous fellow actor, but she's a great hanky-panky partner."

Any chance the season-six finale is a new beginning for Esteban and Nancy, rather than an end? Bichir is up for it either way: "When I first started working on this show, every time I got a new script I just hoped for Esteban to be alive, but then I realized being alive or dead on this show doesn't mean anything. Even if you're alive, you can be dead, and even if you're dead, you can come back to life. These guys are wacko. That's what I love about the show, and all I can say is that I would love to come back."

Meanwhile, you can also catch Bichir's work on the big screen in The Gardener, the new film from The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz. Bichir says that The Gardener is "really, really great," and hopes it will be scheduled for a theatrical release by early 2011.

How do you guys feel about this season of Weeds? Do you want to keep Esteban around for season seven?

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