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Poor Priscilla Desert. That goody-two-shoes mass-marketed image of hers just may crumble sooner than folks think.

Not only has the über-talented Pris already happily agreed to let herself be used as a People cover-ready beard for one of her gay-boy boyfriends, now it turns out Miss P. has a past:

Turns out P.D. really liked to get her booze on back in those days, and many of Priscilla's so-called "friends" from the lunchroom are starting to talk about it, big time.

One of those massively paid campers that follow Pris around like flies to Beverly Hills crap should do something about this nastiness, already. In fact, I think they already have. We've noticed that the more tips we get about Pris's fondness for boys and the booze, along comes another fakey magazine story about what a right-on and humble religious girl Priscilla happens to be.

Jeez. When's the public going to stop being as gullible as the legal types who keep accepting Lindsay Lohan's excuses? Wake up, people!

And, uh, Priscilla, get a clue (not to mention a spine): You know there are people in the world who happen to believe in God and think it's OK to date boys and have drinks, too.

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