This was a very disturbing week. Five teenagers committed suicide as a result of gay bullying by their peers, making the death toll somewhere around eight over the last few weeks. And these are just cases that have been reported about in the media.

Obviously, there are more tragic stories out there.

We stand behind Ellen Degeneres and Perez Hilton, who have been admirably vocal in speaking out about this unacceptable epidemic, and agree something must be done:

While some of you may think our Blind Vices only contribute to making sexuality somewhat of a game, we must disagree.

Now, we would never out a celebrity. Also, keep in mind, these are adults who made a decision to be public figures. It's obviously their choice to conceal their sexual identity, but hearing about these tragic teens who felt like they had no better option than taking their own lives makes us realize how many more out, gay celebrities are needed in our culture.

There's only so much Neil Patrick Harris, T.R. Knight, or Anna Paquin can do.

If more celebrities were open about being bisexual or gay (and didn't leave us to toy with their dilly-dallying), it would give confused teens someone to look up to. It would show closed-minded, intolerant bigots that being gay is not only none of their business, but, it's quite human, too.

Happiness and the right to live as one was born isn't just limited to being heterosexual, you idiots. Get a brain-alert on that one, pronto.

If any of you readers out there feel so alone you might be contemplating suicide, please know you are not alone. Our friends at The Trevor Project are a great resource to use. Please check out their website and give them a call.

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