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Congratulations, American Dad! Seth MacFarlane's middle child hits the 100-episode milestone this Sunday with an epic fight between Patrick Stewartand a koala, a runaway bride and a trip to the mysterious Orient.

We hit Fox's party celebrating the centennial ep, and came back with all your MacFarlane-verse scoop straight from the boss-man himself, including the latest on a possible three-show crossover and the long-awaited Family Guy movie!

100 and Counting: The big one-oh-oh, called "100 A.D.," airs this Sunday, Oct. 3 at 9:30 p.m., and centers on Stan and Francine trying to stop Hayley from eloping. Hijinks ensue, jerky is eaten, body parts explode—just what you'd expect!

We asked MacFarlane how it felt to reach this milestone, and he joked, "That's the kind of thing that's supposed to make you happy...right? No, 100 episodes is good. American Dad snuck up on 100 episodes. It doesn't have the dramatic backstory that Family Guy had as far as the cancellation and the resurrection, but it's had a more solid run from then to now. I think it's arguably more of an achievement that this show has reached 100 episodes, because it has not had the advantage of all the hype that Family Guy has."



As for next 100 episodes, we asked if the show still works now that the George W. Bush administration has been replaced by the Barack Obama administration, and MacFarlane said, "With a Republican in power Stan [Smith] can be Mr. Rah-Rah Crazy Person, and with a Democrat in power he can be Archie Bunker, complaining about everything. I think it really works both ways."

Crossovers: But wait, there's more! MacFarlane shared this about the series crossovers you fans have been hoping for: "Actually, this Sunday, Stan has a little cameo on Family Guy. But we do have an episode coming up where all three families encounter each other. It's a little complex, it's something that has to do with all three shows. [Like going from Spider-Man] to Web of Spider-Man to Spectacular Spider-Man to The Adventures of Peter Parker and who gives a s--t about that?" 

Movie Mania: The Family Guy feature film is a real possibility. MacFarlane tells us, "There are plans for Family Guy to come to the big screen. We've finally had a couple of real meetings and real conversations with the Fox feature department about it, and we have a story. So it's finally moving forward. It's just a question of where it will fall convenience-wise, with my production schedule, with all the s--t that's going on."

He Did It All for the Nooky: Last but not least, if you're the fan who's been wondering when Roger might get some action, MacFarlane thinks you haven't been paying enough attention. He says, "When is Roger going to get some alien loving? I think he's had his fair share. He's had everything from rape to fondling Stan in the hot tub. What more do you want?"

So what's your favorite MacFarlane series: Family Guy, American Dad or The Cleveland Show? Hit the comments with your votes and tell us why!

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