Paris Hilton, Cy Waits

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Carol Williams, the victim of foot-runneth-overitis, may be facing charges for her involvement in last night's hit-and-run incident involving Paris Hilton and her of-the-moment beau, Cy Waits.

However, Carol is insisting she isn't a "literally insane" photog like those Paris blamed on Twitter following the accident. It wasn't a case of getting the money shot of the couple, but merely a case of wrong place, wrong time, wrong tire.

"I think from the excitement I thought, 'Let me get in there and get a shot,' and that is when it happened," she tells E! News. But Williams is not offering an excuse, just an explanation. "I'm taking responsibility for my actions in the whole thing. It was a freak accident. My foot was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

In case you missed it, the incident was caught on camera.

The freelance photographer, who is currently at home resting with a bag of frozen peas on her injured ankle, tells us she thinks "it's terrible what happened," even if she wasn't out looking for Paris and Cy. "I don't even know where Paris lives, and every paparazzo in town knows where she lives," insists Williams. "I go to Boa restaurant, if I go out, and that is the only place that I go. I don't chase celebrities. I don't follow celebrities. I don't sit outside their houses."

If that's the case, then the L.A. Sheriff's Department claim that Williams "attacked" the car might not be as warranted as first believed. She even took offense to Paris' tweet about how her evening was "ruined by aggressive paparazzi," since Williams was around the corner taking pictures of Nicky Hilton Rothschild when the commotion first started and was not involved with the initial swarm of photographers.

Regardless, Williams knows she must face the consequences, should there be any. "I wish it would have never happened," she says. "But I am partially to blame, too. I shouldn't have been out there."

The L.A. Sheriff's Department plans to do a thorough traffic investigation of the hit-and-run incident, including an interview with Paris. No arrests have been issued at this point.

(Originally published Sept. 30, 2010, at 6:12 p.m. PT)

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