Blind vice 425 gay sex

Uh, oh. Looks like our handsome, beloved, sexually confused Blind Vice stud Toothy Tile is back to taking bad advice from his short-sighted, money-grubbing handlers. 'Cause T2's again trying to make it appear as if he's actually into bedding women. So gross.

Remember the last time T.T. tried this heterosexual nonsense, bedding women? Poor Toothy had to rely on not Viagra, but the white, powdery stuff, instead.

Hmm. Wonder if Lindsay Lohan's little helper is what Tooth is relying on this time around:

Desperate Tooth, who hasn't exactly had an easy time of it at the box-office (or on the home front, for that matter), has taken to lurking around out-of-town strips clubs, leaving these sleazy joints with chicks. Wonder what he does when the babes finally get him home? Do they tell Toothy their favorite films from his mostly impressive film repertoire, just to excite him, once they discover he's not exactly rarin' to rip their panties off?


Also, it's strange that this time around, Mr. Tile's opting to pull his ersatz straight-guy stuff outside of Hollywood. He knows perfectly well what he's been up to will eventually trickle back to T-Town. But it's almost as if Toothy's deciding as long as he's pullin' this fake babe-nailing crap outta town, it doesn't really count.

Or maybe it's that Toothy's put-upon partner (the male one) won't find out? Hey, gotta tip for ya, Tooth—it's doubtful Grey even cares anymore. He's over it.

Besides, Grey's learned from the best: he's on his own Toothy-like pretend romance that's beginning to make your past ones look like kid stuff.

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