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Even though Michael Lohan seems to be the only one officially confirming Lindsay Lohan's check-in to the Betty Ford Clinic, at least one past celeb patient from the Rancho Mirage, Calif., rehab center was happy to hear it. But not exactly for reasons you may expect.

Keep in mind, it'd been rumored that Camp Linds was pushing the troubled starlet to Betty Ford for several days now, and apparently this plan has now worked out. Is this good news or bad?

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"All I can say is, Lindsay, watch out!" piped the famous star who went to Betty Ford (more than once) to recover from drug addiction.

Apparently, the customs of scrubbing toilets, making beds and smoking only when and where permitted are strictly enforced at Ford, where our star blabber said, "I got a very rude awakening about who and where I was in my life. They do not coddle you at Betty Ford—at all. Thank God, it saved my life."

Other past famous Ford patients have included Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Cash, Gary Busey, Liza Minnelli, Kelsey Grammer and many more. Several of these boldface peeps have had mixed reviews of their stays:

"It worked. It got me off everything," Anna Nicole Smith told Larry King. "[But] I hated it. I'll never go back. It's horrible."

When King asked the star, who battled drugs not in a dissimilar way from Lohan, why she didn't like her clean-and-sober stint, Smith bitched:

"They treat you terribly."

Ozzy Osbourne felt quite the contrary, when he told the Mirror: "It's like a f--king hotel with a golf course." When pressed on what his tasks at Ford consisted of, Sharon's famously outspoken spouse replied, "You wash your own clothes, make your own beds, vacuum, make coffee and then you try and make your three o'clock archery lesson."

After Nicole Kidman's hubby, Keith Urban, hit the rehab joint in 2006, he may have felt slightly less flippant than Osbourne: "With each week that passed [at Betty Ford], I found myself really learning to surrender. Suffice it to say, it's been one of the most impactful [sic] times of my whole life."

Oh, and Chevy Chase, who had his clean-up visit to Ford in 1986, had this gem to add, which just might make Ms. Lohan very happy:

"It's not the most private place in the country. Far from it. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if everybody there is on the National Enquirer's payroll. I got there and registered under my doctor's brother's name, and within an instant, there was a photographer outside my window."

Sounds like Lindsay's perfect rehab! She can clean up her act and stay in the news, the latter obviously being Lohan's No. 1 concern through all of this media-saturated insanity.

Anybody who doesn't see that is drinking so much they should consider a stay at Betty Ford.

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