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We love celebs who have zero tolerance for bulls--t, especially when it comes to other celebs!

Take Tim Gunn. We've been a fan of the author and Project Runway fashionista—or should that be bashionista?—for some time. Any guy who can call Anna Wintour out and not fear for his social life has major cojones and deserves props.

He's been calling out everyone, from Vogue and the "sad and pathetic" Taylor Momsen to Martha Stewart's daughter, and we can't help but wonder: Where's a Tim Gunn to call out Tim Gunn?

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We realize this is dangerous territory here, as Gunn had a big bitchfest earlier this year, when the fashion lord labled the Kardashians "cheap," "vulgar" and other prissy, grandmother-like adjectives.

After all, cheap is in the eye of the pissy beholder, is it not? Doesn't Gunn get that fashion is about sexiness and rebellion, and if the Kardashians—who are, admittedly, also E! family members—want to shake their tits, butts and hairdos in body-celebrating outfits, who is Gunn to say they're morally questionable? The Kardashians have cleverly stayed mum regarding their detractor.

(And we'll take cheap over atrophied, any day of the week: Gunn's even said he hasn't had sex in what, 263,OOO years?)

Point is, hysterically enjoyable as it may be, the Gunn zap is in danger of getting repetitive. Almost every day, Tim shoots for a new celebutante.

Are we the only ones who are getting wary of waking up to another rant? We get it, gotta keep those book sales up, Timmy, but it's starting to get weird, babe.

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