Paris Hilton and Boyfriend Involved in Hit and Run—but Was Pap at Fault?

Heiress's new man Cy Waits cited for clipping a paparazzo as couple tried to escape West Hollywood restaurant

By Whitney English, Marianne Garvey Sep 30, 2010 5:01 PMTags

Do these two go looking for trouble?

Paris Hilton's latest boy-toy, Cy Waits, was cited for a hit and run last night for clipping paparazzo with his Bentley as the dynamic duo beat a hasty retreat from a restaurant.

But there's a twist. The L.A. Sheriff's Department exclusively tells E! News that the shutterbug may be the one in more serious trouble...

"There might be some charges against the paparazzo because they were blocking the street," says Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore. "When you cause that kind of impediment it could actually be a felony. We're going to be looking into the whole thing."

The couple were leaving the West Hollywood hot spot Boa, with Cy behind the wheel and Paris riding shotgun, when the car was suddenly swarmed by paparazzi.

Cy maneuvered through the crowd, knocking one of the shutterbugs down. The couple drove away without assessing the damage.

The dinged photog dialed 911. Paramedics came and took her to a local hospital.

"I do not know her exact condition but I was told she was OK," says Whitmore, who declined to identify the photog.

A Paris-free Cy returned afterward to deal with the cops. He was allowed to leave, but only after being cited for a hit and run. He may also be facing a misdemeanor charge from the incident, says Whitmore, adding that at some point they will interview Paris as a witness.

"The person attacked by the vehicle insisted on a private person's arrest so we cited the driver, but this is all preliminary," said Whitmore. "We have to reinterview the deputies as to what occurred. We are going to conduct a thorough traffic investigation."

Paris, meanwhile, is putting the blame squarely on the photographers. "Lovely evening with friends and family ruined by aggressive paparazzi," she tweeted after the incident. "They are literally insane!"

Whitmore did confirm the car was "swarmed" and says Waits returned shortly after dropping Paris off. 

"Apparently the driver did everything in his power initially to avoid anything, but the car was swarmed," he told E! News.  "As he was moving forward, everyone was told to part, and they began to, but then this one individual jumped back in front."

Earlier this month, the fun couple were busted while cruising the Vegas Strip. Paris copped to cocaine possession and was sentenced to probation and community service. Waits lost his job as manager of a local club and his criminal charges are still pending.

(Originally published Sept. 30, 2010, at 7:45 a.m. PT)

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