David Beckham, Victoria Beckham


Victoria and David Beckham were spotted out together, sans children, Tuesday night at West Hollywood's super chic Soho House. Clearly, letting all who were, and still are, watching know they're out to prove there is no truth to those nasty cheating rumors.

We can't help but wonder: Did Posh's hubby look like a one-woman man?

The two uber lookers made sure to keep their outfits sexy, and even synchronized, with the soccer stud looking "incredibly hot," rocking jeans and a plain white tee, while wifey Vic wore a simple, white strapped dress.

Sexy on site they may be, but has the couple sizzled post-tabloid blunder?

Sadly, coming together doesn't mean you look together. Avoiding any touchy-feely love nudges (no Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher show here, hons), neither Becks nor Posh shot one sexy, loving look at the other while they sat at a table full of close friends all night, a source a few feet away insists to us.

Guess the British celeb-royals think one public outing will draw a tabloid retraction. Pretty sure the Queen herself doesn't stand a chance with that one, but we all got the memo: You're still married and still suing.

And remember, Posh 'n' Becks could have hit up paparazzi-infested Boa, which is right under Soho House, for a we're totally together and happy shot, but they didn't. Now that would have been an Ashton and Demi move.

So actually, B. & P.'s choice of location was pretty genius. They know they'll be talked about out together, but it's not overly fake and showey. Good pick, you two! Fortunately for PDA-loving couple watchers at the exclusive hang, actor...

Taye Diggs and wife Idina Menzel, put on the more cozy-stuff show for onlookers. We're told the married couple spent the entire night snuggling like no one was watching. Good thing they had some peace and quiet because inside the hot bar and restaurant all ears were on The Biggest Loser's stiff-ass trainer...

Jillian Michaels as she giggled and hogged the photo booth with her giddy girlfriends. Excessive laughter keeps the lbs away? We're told girlfriend looked fantastic, so whatever works, babe! Hip, slick and slim in an entirely different fashion was...

Matthew Morrison, Glee's cute choir teacher, who was also at SoHo. The dorko-hunk was celebrating the premiere of the long awaited (and record breaking) Britney Spears episode by chatting it up rather closely with some random chick, but we're told there was nothing too lovey-dovey about it. What a relief. M.M. looked incredibly scrumptious but, still, more eyes were on, believe it or not...

Drew Carey! Yep, Hollywood's nightlife got a dose of Drew Carey like it has never seen before: "Hip, not-so-heavy, and hot," according to our spy. Losing the glasses and some weight, the funny man came out to steam up the place, giving even Becks and his lovely pecks a run for their stud money. Damn, boyfriend, that's impressive.

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