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Tonight, an evil opponent stole a page from the coach's playbook and cut an MVP from the roster.

Talk about bringing the pain...

Ouch. Saying farewell to Jimmy Johnson hurts. Yve wasn't exaggerating when she said his "soul is inspiring." Jimmy Johnson has such an aura of greatness that he positively glows, and when his torch was snuffed I felt like I was sacked by a linebacker...named Marty!

Hail Marty: Russell Hantz thought he was the puppet master, but he was playing with Muppets in Samoa compared to Marty, who is dominating "people that are definitely smart." Yet he's right when he adds, "actually not that many"—especially now that the tribe has sent home a brilliant strategist over weeble-wobble Dan, Insane Clown Holly and Jimmy "The Mouth" Tarantino. Before the start of the season, Jeff Probst told me he believed Marty would "go deep in the game," and if Espada continues to vote out its weakest members, keeping the Immunity Idol in Marty's hands, he's probably right.

Just What the Doctor Ordered: Jill might suck at challenges, but the woman is brilliant. If I ever need serious medical treatment take me to Erie, Pa. stat—I want her to be my physician. She not only solved the Immunity Idol clue but realized how much it would strengthen Espada by persuading Marty to reveal it to all his tribemates. She let him take all the "integrity points," which reinforced their alliance—but will also make him the sole threat as he assumes the tribe's leadership role.

Party of Five: Over at Kiddie Kamp, Sash, Chase, Purple Kelly (seriously?), NaOnka and Brenda are busy ostracizing Kelly B. and Alina and laughing at hollow-headed Jud. But if Sash has any sense, he should forget his Minority Alliance and persuade the others to run away from Hurricane NaOnka before she throws their legs in the fire.

Unless the next challenge is called Survivor Jeopardy and La Flor picks Fabio to answer all the questions, I don't see Espada earning immunity. They only won the Hay-Mate challenge because of Benry's poor aim (nice comeback tonight!), and the young'uns can still redeem the Medallion of Power for an advantage. Which means while NaOnka Not Fool is going hood on La Flor, scheming Marty will be watching his tribe "shake and crumble" because he killed "their daddy."

Now that he's claimed Jimmy Johnson's throne, the usurper is ready to wage war:

"[The game] is real," Marty says menacingly, "and it starts now."

TWITTER: I'm chatting/sobbing with Jimmy Johnson tomorrow morning, so tweet your questions to me @drumoorhouse and I'll try to hold it together long enough to ask them. 

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