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First things first: If someone doesn't mend Damon Salvatore's broken heart soon—as in 10-minutes-ago soon!—we're breaking up with The Vampire Diaries.

Sorry, that was harsh. But seriously, the guy's been dissed too many times—first by one(time) true love Katherine, then by her doppelgänger descendant Elena (Nina Dobrev times two)—and we just can't take it anymore. Sure, D technically did kill Elena's baby bro, but all will be forgiven...right?

Um, Dalena fans, you might want to sit down for this, because what Ian Somerhalder just spilled is cause for some serious concern...

"Karma is kicking Damon in the ass right now," Ian laughs when asked if we are ever going to see his supersexy alter ego enjoy just an ounce of joy. "Damon happy is a very iffy thing. And right now he just feels silly and stupid."

Poor guy! We totally get Elena's trust issues with Damon and all (see the aforementioned brother killing), but why can't these gals see he really has a heart of gold? Well, according to Ian, "He's in major protective mode right now. He's heartbroken. I don't think the Katherine/Elena thing knocked Damon a few rungs down the ladder—it knocked him off the ladder." And here's the part that worries us most. As the TVD star puts it: "I just don't know how he's going to get back in the good graces of Elena. This is not going to blow over very quickly at all. She hates him! And I don't blame her."

Unfortunately all the love triangle action in the world can't stop Mystic Falls' (and Damon's) newest foe: the damn werewolf!

"We're going to learn a lot about this werewolf thing in tonight's episode," Ian tells us of "Memory Lane." "Katherine is actually the one that explains a lot of what's going on. It's interesting to see where this whole thing came from in Mystic Falls—who knew about it [and] how vampires got involved. It's a very enlightening episode."

Also heading your way tonight is the crazy-good face-off between Katherine and Elena, which does not go well for one (or both!) of the ladies.

"Katherine's definitely not going to buy her flowers," laughs Ian. "She's going to kill Elena if she doesn't get what she wants, there's no two ways about it. Plus, Katherine can't kill Elena until Damon gets to at least sleep with her once!" Um, yes please!

Ian does leave us on a bright note: A tiny semblance of hope that sometime in The Vampire Diaries future, Damon will rid himself of Katherine's hold and find the happiness we all want for him.

"Damon learned a great deal that she is not the person you want to be in love with," the star reassures us. "She is the unobtainable woman that you don't want to obtain. But in a time of need, he can probably still be manipulated by her."

Share your frustrations in the comments below, Dalena shippers. And don't miss The Vampire Diaries tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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